Have you noticed more cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs being posted?

You’re not seeing things…they really have increased.

Apparently – and not surprising – cryptocurrency-related jobs are booming. As investments in cryptocurrency surge, the number of jobs in the crypto space are also experiencing a surge.

A recent report from Indeed Hiring Lab cites that cryptocurrency jobs on Indeed (a popular job website) have jumped 118% compared to last year. And these are going beyond the engineering, product development and other IT roles we usually see – now we’re seeing support roles posted in areas like HR and Accounting.

There are more and more resources becoming available to people seeking a career in the blockchain and/or cryptocurrency industry or for those seeking to use their specialized knowledge in these areas for all kinds of companies that have determined that it’s time to jump on board this bandwagon.

Blockchain and/or Cryptocurrency Job/Career Websites

Check out these websites dedicated to helping place people in cryptocurrency-related careers.

Blockchain and/or Cryptocurrency Recruiters

We’re starting to see recruiters specializing in blockchain and/or cryptocurrency. Check out these options.

Other Blockchain and/or Cryptocurrency Career Resources

Check out these online resources to assist you in your blockchain and/or cryptocurrency career journey.

  • Visit LinkedIn for related career opportunities
  • Go to Glassdoor for related job opportunities
  • Check out Indeed for related job postings
  • Jobs in Crypto Twitter handle, self-proclaimed “leading job board for blockchain & cryptocurrency jobs.” (@jobsincrypto)
  • Crypto Jobs List Twitter handle (@CryptoJobsList)
  • Crypto Jobs Daily Twitter handle (@CryptoJobsDaily)

Companies Seeking Blockchain and/or Cryptocurrency Talent

Large businesses, such as Walmart, are starting to embrace the cryptocurrency and/or blockchain technology – or at least starting to understand that they need to get a handle on it and hire people who are knowledgeable about it.

Here are just a few large companies that have cryptocurrency and/or blockchain jobs posted.

Be sure to use various search terms to find these related jobs, such as “blockchain,” “cryptocurrency,” or “digital currency.”

Just like with any job search, many job opportunities are not posted. These unadvertised positions won’t be externally posted – for various reasons – so be sure to lean on your network and keep networking. Read more about applying for unadvertised positions in this article from Indeed.

Read my previous related article, Hustle into a New Career in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, for more information on how you can get into a blockchain and/or cryptocurrency career.

This job market is hot. And there’s a shortage of talent available – at least as of right now. So, if you’re looking to make a career change, the time may be now.

Get your search on. Reach out to your network. Be positive. Be confident.

Now get the pluck out there!

*The lists of resources provided in this article are not all-inclusive. The resources and websites provided in this article are not endorsed by me or Bitcoin Ben. Do your own research and use resources that you deem reputable.

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