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If you missed the most recent Bitcoin Branches event in Fort Worth, Texas, you missed out on an amazing event – and some big announcements!

Let’s recap the event’s announcements and hear from some of the meeting’s attendees.

Announcement #1

We announced a 2022 fundraising initiative – Founders Group & Friends Fundraising – which will raise money for one deserving non-profit organization throughout 2022. We decided after much consideration to support the Southeastern Guide Dogs. Learn more about this organization – which accepts cryptocurrency donations – on its website (

Our first fundraiser was a 50/50, and our attendees – in-person and online – really showed up to smash our $10,000 goal raising $11,280! This meant $5,640 would be donated to the Southeastern Guide Dogs and the donor winner would receive $5,640!

The winner, Lupe De Los Reyes, touched our hearts by donating her winnings back to the organization, which means that as a group we were able to donate $11,280 to the Southeastern Guide Dogs organization!

Thank you, Lupe, and thank you everyone who donated! We were truly moved by everyone’s generosity! This group truly is amazing!

Announcement #2

Bitcoin Ben and his Bitcoin Branches partner Laurie Hermann announced a new business venture for the Founders Group!

Founders Group Worldwide is a newly formed group of investors dedicated to funding cryptocurrency and blockchain projects and companies.

Their goal is to bring together like-minded investors to support early-stage and startup companies looking to revolutionize the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

Learn more about Founders Group Worldwide by reaching out to Laurie Hermann at The new website will be available later this year. More information to come soon!

Attendee Feedback

“Litecoin” Lisa Davis attended her first Bitcoin Branches event with her husband, Charlie. “We were so impressed by this community, the power of this wonderful group of amazing people. We hope to be back in April. The group was so welcoming.”

For attendee Mark Evangelist, this was his third event in-person and fourth event total (he attended via Zoom in October), and he plans to keep coming back. “There’s nothing like the comradery and love you feel with this group at these events. I brought my brother with me to this past event, and we’re already booked to come back in April! If you’re not following [Bitcoin] Ben, you should be. I also plan to talk about this event at other upcoming crypto events.”

Three-time attendee Farmer John keeps coming back because of “love of country, love of freedom and being around like-minded people will fuel your passion to make our country a better place now.”

“The Bitcoin Ben movement is far more than bitcoin…these events have more impact on changing the world than any congressional session will ever have. Strengthen your household and family first, then we can help many others. Come experience the secrets. Bitcoin is just the beginning.”

For frequent Bitcoin Branches event attendee and newly minted Founders Group Worldwide board member Jim Flanagan, “the one thing I always take away from these events is the validation that what we are doing is good.”

“The opportunities that have been presented to us by Ben are amazing, and I can’t wait to get started – just like a lot of other people. As always, he [Ben] leaves his emotions on his sleeve, pride at the door, and is open to everyone. I can’t wait for the next event, and I can’t wait to start this new venture.”

The January meeting will be hard to top, but April’s meeting should be even more exciting—and much larger!

If you’re interested in attending the next Bitcoin Branches/Founders Group event in Fort Worth, Texas, on April 2 and 3, 2022, register now! Space is limited.

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