Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I got to thinking about luck.

You know the old saying “the luck of the Irish.” While I was looking up articles on luck, I decided to look up what that saying actually means. It’s actually an old mining expression that was thought to mean “extreme good fortune.” You’re welcome.

Ben and I have had numerous conversations about luck. Is it real? Or is it something else?

Was it luck that got Ben into Bitcoin/cryptocurrency? Hmmm…

For those of you who are diehard Bitcoin Ben fans, you know he can get very deep and into the “woo woo.” Our conversations are no different, except that he knows not to go too “woo woo” on me…I just can’t do it. LOL

Are some people luckier than others? I don’t personally think so. I think you get back from the universe what you put into it. And a lot of what I read in preparing for this article supported this idea.

The idea that your (positive) attitude, your optimism, your overall positivity has more to do with “being lucky” than say luck itself.

There certainly seems to be a correlation between good luck and the right attitudes and choices in life. Now, that’s not a hard and fast rule. Obviously, you can have the right attitude and make good choices, and bad things can still happen to you. That’s not luck, that’s life.

But how you handle those bad things very much affects how your “luck” changes. Do you let those bad things get you down? Do you take it out on other people? Or are you someone who says, “Ok, something bad happened to me, what can I learn from it, if anything, and move on.”

We are definitely the latter. Yes, we have had bad things happen to us. But we have found that if we lean on each other, talk about what happened, and don’t let it get us down for long periods of time, that we come out of it stronger…and when something else bad happens (and inevitably it will), we handle it even better.

Positivity. It is key. And faith. Now, some of you aren’t religious, but we find that having faith and praying is very helpful. And a lot of what some may call “luck,” we often call blessings/being blessed. You can generally call it whatever you want.

“Positive experiences garnered in business and life are not based on luck, but through hard work and determination. Positive, productive, hardworking people create an aura of energy around them that attracts lucky circumstances. It is no accident–it is a product of everything that you do.”2

But if you really want to feel like you’re lucky, or you want some “good luck,” try being more positive and changing your attitude. Be the master of your life. Become more optimistic.

Sometimes Ben’s eternal optimism and very sunny disposition can be annoying, but that is who he genuinely is, and I actually love that about him. And he has made me a more optimistic and positive person. Am I lucky to have him? You betcha. But I prefer to say I’m blessed.

So…in the infamous words of Dirty Harry, “Do you feel lucky, punk?”

Wishing you good luck, good fortune, good karma, blessings…whatever it is you believe in.

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