Yes, we are those people who often refer to our pets, “Litecoin” Little and Lacie, as our fur babies.

Now that our kids are older, they truly are our babies. We, mainly me, spend a lot of time caring for them and making sure they have happy lives.

Are they spoiled? You betcha. But who cares? They provide us with so much love and companionship—it’s the least we can do. LOL

In all seriousness, there are so many benefits to having at least one pet. Up until last April, we just had our kitty, Little Bit. She has been an amazing pet and is the most interesting cat that we have had in our lives. (And I have had a lot of cats.)

But like many people last year as the realization of the pandemic set in, it seemed like the perfect time to make the leap and get a puppy. And everything just fell right into place. We know that she was truly meant to be with our family…to be part of our family.

She is the first dog that both Ben and I have had as adults. We have our reasons why, but we just didn’t feel the need to get a dog. And now, we cannot imagine not having Lacie with us.

For me, I have met more of our neighbors and other people in our neighborhood from just walking her. Mind you, I remember the dogs’ names more than the owners’ names at times, but I feel way more connected than I was before. Dog walking in your neighborhood is hands down the best way to meet your neighbors.

Most of us know some of the benefits from having a pet, like reducing anxiety, but the health benefits really are quite long. I have already experienced some of these.

  • Decreases blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Helps manage loneliness and depression.
  • Provides you with companionship. (This is especially true when Ben is travelling, and Alexa is away at school.)
  • Increases your fitness levels.
  • Lowers stress.
  • Brings you happiness. (No one or thing has ever been so happy to see me as our Lacie girl.)
  • Increases opportunities for socialization.
  • And the list goes on!

Aside from the great health benefits, fur babies give you unconditional love. They are always there for you.

Down because your favorite crypto took a dive? Or bummed because you missed out on the latest dip? Curl up with your favorite pet. He/she/they will certainly cheer you up.

Lacie’s smile (yes, she really does smile) makes me smile. It literally makes me smile when I see her smile, it’s hard not to! I even find myself smiling more—at her—and lots of things—because she genuinely makes me happier.

Is she work? Yes. Is she worth it? Definitely.

Pets or fur babies are a big undertaking—and one you and your family should seriously discuss—but the benefits of having them around…priceless.

We are taking Lacie to the beach for the first time next week. We are so excited to see how she will react to the ocean, the sand…everything. We promise to share some photos.

If you don’t have the time or money for a fur baby, try volunteering at an animal shelter. Our daughter, Alexa, has done that a few times while she’s been away at school, and she says it makes her feel less stressed and just…happier!

We love our girls, Little and Lacie. And they love us. And it’s just icing on the cake that they also happen to be good for our health.

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Kelly Wisness-Semchee has been Bitcoin Ben’s wife for more than 11 years. She has spent 20+ years in marketing and communications for various companies, including 13 years in healthcare specifically. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and an MBA. Kelly resides with “Bitcoin” Ben, their fur babies “Litecoin” Little and Lacie, and daughter Alexa in the St. Louis area. Learn more at

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