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So many familiar faces and some new ones, too! It’s always great to attend these events – not only to catch up with people – but to see what’s new and what’s exciting people.

Sitting through most of the presentations on Saturday, I looked around and saw that most people were very engaged in the speakers’ presentations and asked really good questions. People were genuinely interested in projects, excited about them and just excited in general for the future.

Bitcoin Ben, of course, had lots to say, handing out information about cryptocurrencies, the market, freedom, and the upcoming 2024 election.

He said, “The system is at its weakest, and America is at its strongest.”

And as it pertains to this group especially, he said, “As freedom grows, opportunity grows.”

“We are like minded entrepreneurs with great products to improve the world,” Ben shared.

On Saturday, we heard from representatives who have outstanding projects – some of which have already been funded by the group and one that will be up for a group vote soon.

  • Crypto World
    • Jeff Wade, co-Founder, and Corey Feco, President, provided the crowd with a wonderful presentation about what’s happened since they opened in August 2021, the impact of the bear market, and their plans for the future. Corey provided insights on what they have deemed the Crypto Furious vs. the Crypto Curious.
  • Firefly
    • This is a new project – a home education platform that builds community empowering students and teachers. Jordan Page, CEO & Founder, shared a lot of content about the future of home education and Firefly’s role in it and its desire to redefine home education, providing benefits to each impacted group – parents, students, instructors and content creators.
  • zPods
    • Not only was there a zPod (customizable, sensory-friendly sleeping pod) on display during the two-day meeting, co-founders Gary Kellmann, CEO, and George Bailey, Co-founder, presented information on why zPods was created, their benefits to those with sleep conditions, and their plans for the future. This is a product that is already changing lives – and could change even more lives with more education and funding.
  • Cosmo Wealth Management
    • Bruno Verri, CEO, educated the group about Cosmo Wealth and the services it provides to the people of El Salvador. They mostly provide microloans – but they are different in that they provide multiple payment options (including payback in Bitcoin, now legal tender in El Salvador), personalized treatment and lower interest rates. The team prides itself on helping the average person who just needs a little help. They also recently eliminated late fees – with great results.

I missed these organizations’ presentations on Sunday, but I heard they were awesome! Visit their websites to learn more about them and/or to support them.

Overall, we heard from passionate people involved in impressive projects.

While there will always be some uncertainty, people just seemed to be very positive in general.

The positive vibes Bitcoin Ben exudes – and always – throws down was intoxicating to the attendees.

After being away from these events for a while due to work and other commitments, it was great to be back with everyone. I’m looking forward to attending more of these events in the future, and if you haven’t attended one yet, I encourage you to attend a future event. Join us in Sarasota in September 2023.

And for those of you regulars, keep coming back…you know you can’t get enough of the amazing networking and energy that is a sure thing at these events.

Wherever you are in your journey, join us.

Whatever doubts you may have, just join us.

Whoever may be holding you back from fully embracing this community, just join us.

Just join us – and you will see and feel what a true community we have here.

P.S. There are only 1,750 shares available in the Founders Group – AND – there are still shares available. Visit the website to learn more or to purchase your share (or another share).

 Other Quotes from Bitcoin Ben from the Event

“I am the storm!”
“You manifest what you think.”

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Kelly Wisness-Semchee has spent 20+ years in marketing and communications for various companies. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and an MBA. Kelly has been married to “Bitcoin Ben” for 12 years. They reside with their fur babies “Litecoin” Little and Lacie and daughter Alexa in the St. Louis area. Learn more at