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Bitcoin Ben and Bix Weir recently reunited at a stop on Bix Weir’s Freedom Road Show uniting L.A. area freedom lovers.

People flocked to attend this stop in L.A., specifically at The Tilted Kilt in Orange, California, where Bitcoin Ben was a proud special guest.

Bix’s Freedom Road Show – Part 1 has two more stops in this leg of the tour before Bix and his team take a break and hit the road again in their new RV.

This event was a much-needed gathering of like-minded crypto-loving and silver-loving folks. But really these events unite fellow freedom lovers.

As Bix said at the event, “We’re not Democrats or Republicans, we’re Americans.”

And of course, you can’t attend a Bix Weir show without hearing him perform live! He entertained the crowd with many of his fantastic original songs, including fan favorites “Pay Me My Silver Now” and “Litecoin is the Right Coin” (my personal favorite).

If you’re looking to see Bitcoin Ben live and in living color, come on out to one of these upcoming events.

  • Bitcoin Day Oklahoma City on March 26
  • Bitcoin Branches (entrepreneurs’ event) in Fort Worth on April 2 & 3 (Tickets still available!)
  • Bitcoin 2022 on April 6-9 in Miami

Visit Bitcoin Ben’s website – the Meet Bitcoin Ben page specifically – for a complete listing of upcoming events.

Bix and Bitcoin Ben – united for a common goal – radiate amazing energy and chemistry that you really need to see for yourself.

These two dreamers, these hard-core freedom fighters, are on a mission to educate people about all things crypto, silver, what makes America great and how we can all work together to take our America back.

Let’s not forget the Woo-Woo they also bring for good measure.

If you haven’t seen Bitcoin Ben and Bix Weir together at an event, you are definitely missing out! These guys are the real deal.

This dynamic duo will be reunited and in person again soon – you can catch them at the Bitcoin Branches/entrepreneurs event, September 30 – October 2, in Miami.

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