“So…what’s going on with Bitcoin?!”

We’ve been hearing that a lot lately…from everyone!

Most of our family, friends, neighbors, etc. know that Ben is into “that Bitcoin.” Those are their words, not mine. And some have asked him and/or us about it and some don’t really care.

I’ve been working in my field for over 20 years and just last year my dad asked me, “What is it exactly that you do?” I had to chuckle because while digital marketing can be complicated to explain to someone who isn’t very…let’s say “digitally literate,” it’s nothing compared to being asked to explain Bitcoin, what it is, and for the very brave souls, “How do you make money?”

Lately, this is our life.

One a recent weekend day, I was outside with our pup Lacie, and one of our neighbors was walking by and stopped to chat. First thing she said, “You guys must be happy, I heard that Bitcoin is on a roll!” I think I laughed out loud. I mean kudos to her for remembering (probably the big wrapped RV that was parked outside our house for awhile helped), but really what that comment was about was learning more about Bitcoin.

That’s what we are learning about these remarks…that essentially they just want to know more about it. They are genuinely interested, but for some reason, don’t quite know how to start the conversation. They want in on it. Why wouldn’t they?

If you are passionate about Bitcoin, Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies, and have vocalized that, you have likely been asked similar questions. This is your opportunity to teach others about Bitcoin! And while I certainly don’t know anywhere near the amount of information that Ben does about cryptos, I know enough to be dangerous and can answer some basic questions.

This is a very exciting time to be in cryptos – for various reasons. But if you are truly interested in widespread adoption, then it’s my job, your job, Ben’s job (literally) to educate others about it and the value of it. Don’t see it as a burden. Look at it as an opportunity to help your family, friends, neighbors, whoever, not only become more educated, but become more financially independent in the future.

We are all in this together. So, the next time you sit down to have dinner with friends, and that’s the first thing you hear, don’t roll your eyes or groan, instead pick up your beer/wine/drink of choice, and start talking. And maybe if there’s time, you also discuss your upcoming vacation, your pets, kids, anything else that you’re passionate about.

Yes, Bitcoin comes up at almost every event or dinner (and other places) these days, and while it did annoy me at times in the past, now I smile because my husband (Ben) is happy and passionate about his work. And that’s something I wish for everyone.

Kelly Wisness-Semchee has been Bitcoin Ben’s wife for more than 11 years. She has spent 20+ years in marketing and communications for various companies, including 13 years in healthcare specifically. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and an MBA. Kelly resides with “Bitcoin” Ben, their fur babies “Litecoin” Little and Lacie, and daughter Alexa in the St. Louis area. Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kwisness/.

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